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Music and Muses
A year ago, PrideFest celebrated its 25th anniversary with record revenue and increased attendance. This month, one of the nation’s pre-eminent LGBT festivals has drawn on the extra cash and good vibrations to secure a broadly appealing lineup of old favorites, new flavors and, of course, divas. This includes the Indigo Girls, whose style of outspoken, supportive folk rock delighted a sold-out crowd in 2008. The Miller Lite Mainstage will also host controversy-seeking alt-rocker Amanda Palmer as well as the theatrical, electro-rock dance project Dangerous Muse. Other notable attractions include Andy Bell of Erasure, Sophie B. Hawkins and the Mr. and Miss PrideFest pageant.

PrideFest (June 7-9). Henry Maier Festival Park. 200 N. Harbor Dr., 414-272-3378, pridefest.com. 

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Musical Chairs
POSTED 4/2/2014