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Lewis Black
Lewis Black loves Wisconsin. So much so that in 2006, he promised he’d get the biggest stand-up acts together for a special Summerfest show. That didn’t come to fruition, and comedy acts at the Big Gig tapered off. But this year promises to be different. On the heels of his 2012 special “In God We Rust,” the funnyman highlights comedy’s welcomed return to Henry Maier Festival Park. Black, the longtime “Daily Show” correspondent, has ranted his way to a fruitful 30-plus-year career by pointing his sharp wit at modern society’s shortcomings. Targets range from politicians to religious groups to Wisconsinites and their drinking habits. Even candy corn isn’t safe. We’d wager that, given this particular setting, rock stars won’t be either.

July 5. BMO Harris Pavilion.

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POSTED 4/2/2014