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Guitar Heroes
It may be one of Milwaukee’s best-kept musical secrets: In addition to its superlative educational music programs and an enviable independent music scene, Milwaukee is a hotbed of young guitar talent. But it will be a secret no more with the inaugural Wilson Center Guitar Competition & Festival, which brings musicians from many genres together for a weekend summit. Guitarists ages 15-30 will play for some of the best pickers around, with eyes on $22,000 in prize money, while listeners will be treated to concerts from some of the best in the biz, including jazz great Julian Lage, bluegrass talent Chris Eldridge, and the legendary Daryl Stuermer of Genesis. 

Wilson Center Guitar Competition & Festival (Aug. 15-17). Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts. 19805 W. Capitol Dr., 262-781-9520, wilson-center.com.

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Musical Chairs
POSTED 4/2/2014