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Easing the Pain
Justin Vernon recorded his first Bon Iver album while holed up in a northern Wisconsin cabin, drawing from personal pain to create the critically acclaimed For Emma, Forever Ago. What derived from that wintry isolation also defined Bon Iver – painstakingly, soul-searchingly precise with Vernon’s brilliant falsetto – and led to the Grammy-winning, doubly eponymous second record Bon Iver, Bon Iver. But now that Vernon is taking a break from Bon Iver to work on side projects, all that is gone. The debut album of Vernon’s latest project, the Shouting Matches, jangles like a (fantastically talented) jam band of buddies playing for fun in a garage. With a lighter, bluesy playfulness, Vernon sounds like a musician who’ll be wearing a smile to go with the flannel when he visits Turner Hall. 

The Shouting Matches
(Aug. 1). Turner Hall Ballroom. 1040 N. Fourth St., 414-286-3663, turnerhallballroom.org.

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Musical Chairs
POSTED 4/2/2014