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Bodies of Work
Martha Wilson is best known for “A Portfolio of Models,” a series of six black-and-white photographs of herself, styled to look like a range of feminine ideals of the 1970s. From Housewife to Working Girl and Lesbian to Earth Mother, these images, which are showing at Inova, explore the cultural perceptions that imprison each stereotype. An instrumental feminist artist in the ’70s, her distinction has not lessened with time. To underscore this, the Portrait Society Gallery will feature a parallel exhibit of Wilson’s contemporary work from 2009 to today.

Martha Wilson (June 7-Aug. 11). Inova. Peck School of the Arts. 2155 N. Prospect Ave., 414-229-5070, www4.uwm.edu/psoa/inova. Sourcebook: Martha Wilson and MKE (June 8-July 14). Portrait Society Gallery. 207 E. Buffalo St., 414-870-9930, portraitsocietygallery.com.

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