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A Big Year
Steve Martin has a way of standing two feet to the left of everything he does. Is he a wry fiction writer? An actor? A stand-up comedian? A musician? He looks and sounds as if he’s none of these anymore, only moonlighting, but his lackadaisical sense of self-promotion is so refreshing and his sprawling brainy talent for anything involving words and performance is so vast that his bluegrass show is bound to be something worthwhile. We’re curious to see whether the former philosophy major’s comedy-inflected banjo stylings are as enchanting as his banjo-inflected comedy. They very well could be.

Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers (July 24). Riverside Theater. 116 W. Wisconsin Ave., 414-286-3663, riversidetheater.org.

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MOST Commented
Musical Chairs
POSTED 4/2/2014