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Morning Links for June 20, 2013
An actor's death, promotion stress, and pop singer Madonna.
Hey, up and at 'em. Morning Links has quite a few nuggets that may have escaped your notice while your head was plastered to a pillow. Dig in now...
  • A promotion is more stressful than a divorce? Such is the premise of this piece in Fastcompany.com.

  • Serena Williams issued an apology for blaming the 16-year-old victim in the Steubenville rape case in a recent article in Rolling Stone. Apparently, some people question her sincerity, which led Salon.com to sound off on other celeb apologies that were “just as bad as Serena’s.”

  • Tributes to the late James Gandolfini are pouring out on the Twitter-sphere following the former Sopranos’ actor’s death while on vacation in Rome, Italy.

  • Think you know everything about bicycles? As in, they are attached to the road. Well, some British inventors say they have created the first flying bicycle.
  • Madonna cries? The pop singer extraordinaire has her emotional moments, too -- reportedly during her MDNA tour. "I'm a human being just like everybody else," Madge is quoted as saying. She is? 


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