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Street-Za Pizza Reveals Logo Symbolism
They might not serve deep dish, but there's some deep thought behind the logo.

According to local pizza food truck, Street-Za, the company’s logo contains some secret messages and symbols. The company revealed this via Twitter today for the “FIRST TIME EVER.

Here’s a breakdown of the secrets:

1. The eye of providence (or the pizza eye above the pizza) is often thought to represent god watching over humankind. Street-Za interprets this as god favoring the prosperity of its customers. How nice.

2. Five pieces of pepperoni grace the slice because the number five symbolized perfection for the Mayas. We’re wondering if their real pepperoni slices also have five pieces.

3. According to Street-Za, the logo includes red, as the color is associated with life, survival, vitality, lust and passion. That’s a lot of symbolism. We noticed it’s also the color of tomato sauce.

4. A wreath of laurel surrounds the slice. It represents victory.

5. The downward pointing triangle (or the tip of the pizza slice), is the chalice – the symbol of flowing water, heaven and the womb.

6. And the entire logo sits atop sun rays, which represent universal harmony.

So, a quick summary. Pizza now symbolizes prosperity, perfection, life, survival, vitality, lust, passion, victory, water, heaven, the womb and harmony.


Might not be deep dish, but that was real deep, guys.

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