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Morning Links for June 19, 2013
Chris Abele and John Menard may not be in the mood, but there's a celebration today.
Chris Abele is still squabbling with the Milwaukee County Board. John Menard is still squabbling with... Donald Trump? But we end on a happy note.

  • It might make for a good reality TV show if it weren't, well... real. The Milwaukee County Board and County Executive Chris Abele continue to go at it, and Corporation Counsel Kathleen Walker is caught in the crossfire. Dan Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel details how the board plans to oust Walker, including a quote from County Supervisor Theo Lipscomb that may sound a bit familiar. "In the words of Chris Abele," Lipscomb says, "I can get better service elsewhere."
  • The highlight of yesterday's Milwaukee Brewers game? This fantastic catch by center fielder Carlos Gomez. But no need for Brewers fans to explore the game much further. Milwaukee lost 10-1 to Houston, the worst team in the American League. Two other Tuesday-night sports highlights: Miami beat San Antonio in overtime, sending the NBA Finals to a decisive Game 7, and the U.S. men's national soccer team got a 1-0 win over Honduras, moving closer to World Cup qualification.
  • And finally, today is Juneteenth, which celebrates the abolition of slavery in the United States. Milwaukee celebrates it with daylong festivities along Martin Luther King Drive between Burleigh and Center streets.

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