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Morning Links for June 18, 2014
Flyovers, Facebook and local speculation.
Some newsy bites to pair with this rainy morning's coffee. 
  • U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron has a scheduled flyover today for a photo shoot. Flight time is set between 1:30 and 2:20 this afternoon on the east side of Milwaukee’s Lake Michigan, Fox 6 reports.
  • Over, 1,000 members of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors are Milwaukee bound for a national conference, according to the Journal Sentinel.
  • Facebook offered $3 billion to buy out Snapchat in November, 2013. The cash offer was declined. To no surprise, Facebook has created its own version of the mobile app. CNN shares more details here.  
  • Speculation that Aaron Rodgers is becoming a Milwaukee Bucks investor has yet to be confirmed (or denied), the Milwaukee Business Journal reports.  
  • An explosion at a World Cup viewing center in Nigeria has left 10 people dead, several injured. A Yobe police official speculates a local extremist group might be to blame, CNN reports

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