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Morning Links for June 18, 2013
Everything worth reading on this chilly summer morning.
There are Tuesdays and then there are 60-degree Tuesdays in the middle of June. Next Tuesday, we're really counting on you to turn it around. Let's get to the news. 
  • New York Magazine has what writer Jeff Wilser deems the "10 Ways Men Text Women." Are you a  Buy-a-Voweler, an Exclaimer or a Carver (which would mean you model your texts after Raymond Carver short stories)? It's never too late to find out. 
  • The Miami Herald, with the help of Yale Law students, sued the federal government in order to get it to  release the names of Guantanamo's "indefinite" detainees. The list includes 46 men who are classified "as dangerous but ineligible for trial because of a lack of evidence, or because the evidence was too tainted."
  • Apparently, Amazon.com is providing cloud computing services for the CIA. 
  • A recent study by the National Council on Teacher Quality showed the teaching education programs at  University of Wisconsin schools are, what the Journal Sentinel calls, of "middling" quality. 
  • The Fondy Farmers Market is back and the Shepherd Express has everything you need to know. 

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