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The Art Shay Perspective
A not-to-miss free photography exhibit that opens Friday.

A young Roger Ebert by Art Shay courtesy of Chicagoist. 

This Friday a free exhibit of Art Shay's photography will open at the Hanson Dodge Creative Studios (220 E. Buffalo St.) to honor the life and work of an extremely accomplished photojournalist. 

Shay flew more than 50 combat missions during World War II, and when he returned home he began writing as a journalist for Life Magazine. Somewhat curiously, he often wrote anonymously. But it was after this reporting stint that he realized his love for photojournalism, and eventually had his photos published in Sports Illustrated, Time, Life, The New York Times Magazine and more. 

His photography has even made it into the National Portrait Gallery. But where is 91-year-old Shay now? He lives in Deerfield, Illinois and occasionally keeps up a photography blog on Chicagoist. You can listen to a March interview with the photographer from an Los Angeles-based NPR affiliate here. 

The exhibit runs from June 20 to Sept. 30.

Video courtesy of Hanson Dodge Creative. 

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