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That ’70s Show
Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks play the BMO Harris Bradley Center on July 30

Photo by Kristin Burns

Remember pop culture of the 1970s as nonstop Brady Bunch blandness? Well, rumor has it that it wasn’t all Bay City Rollers and pet rocks. To prove the point, two pop legends – Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks – will get nostalgic with a few thousand friends. Stewart listened to transistorized soul growing up in north London and later brought deep feeling and a gritty tone to his megahits. The same is true for his collections of Broadway and jazz classics. Nicks’ whispery power gave Fleetwood Mac its otherworldly sound, and her recent release, In Your Dreams, is said to be her best solo work. (Paul Kosidowski)

Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks July 30. BMO Harris Bradley Center. 1001 N. Fourth St., 414-227-0700

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