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Win Tickets to Lakefront Festival of Art
The annual festival celebrates more than half a century and takes place June 21-23.

The 51st annual Lakefront Festival of Art takes place June 21-23, 2013 on the grounds of the Milwaukee Art Museum. This year features more than 176 artists showcasing their juried work. Plus: a Milwaukee Magazine wine garden.

And we have tickets to give away!

When: June 21-23

Where: Milwaukee Art Museum

How: Leave a comment below to win a pack of two tickets and a parking pass.

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Lynn K Posted: 6/23/2013 9:33:10 AM
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I presume these have been awarded...I don't see any notification of a winner posted here.
Lynn K Posted: 6/21/2013 11:15:13 PM
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I'm hoping to take my children to the festival so they can enjoy a day of art & our beautiful lakefront! Thank you.
Christie Posted: 6/21/2013 10:37:23 AM
 0   0    

Would love to attend!
maryann Posted: 6/21/2013 8:57:43 AM
 0   0    

would love to attend the art festival**
maryann Posted: 6/21/2013 8:57:38 AM
 0   0    

would love to attend the art festival**
Guadalupe Aguilera Posted: 6/20/2013 11:44:34 AM
 1   0    

I would love to attend this festival. I am a new student at UWM architecture program.
strandedj Posted: 6/20/2013 9:56:21 AM
 0   0    

Haven't attended in 30 years, would love to see how its progressed!
schlitz_man_666 Posted: 6/20/2013 9:09:36 AM
 0   0    

i would like to win a chance to hang out at the beautiful lakefront.
schlitz_man_666 Posted: 6/20/2013 9:11:09 AM
 0   0    

Replying to: schlitz_man_666
wine garden? im there!
kepi37 Posted: 6/20/2013 8:33:14 AM
 0   0    

I would love to go to LFOA to see some of the unique art that the MKE artists can offer!!
mjmus Posted: 6/19/2013 1:32:58 PM
 1   0    

It has been a few years since I have been to the Lakefront Festival of the Arts. Cannot wait to go again as it is absolutely one of the "best of the best" art fairs in Wisconsin!
maja Posted: 6/19/2013 1:28:07 PM
 0   0    

A Festival.....the Lakefront.......ART! whats not to love???? Tickets would be the icing!
poproc Posted: 6/19/2013 1:09:42 PM
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I've never been to this festival, yet I know that it is worth the time if Milwaukee magazine is involved. Thanks for the opportunity!
Shelley Posted: 6/19/2013 11:47:00 AM
 0   0    

LFOA is one of the best festivals of the year :)
gloriosos Posted: 6/19/2013 11:26:38 AM
 0   1    

Also have never been to this festival, would love to be able to take my daughter, the artiste of the family!
cpstocke Posted: 6/19/2013 11:07:37 AM
 0   0    

Aboslutely! Sounds like a fantastic time.
MkeRunGirl Posted: 6/19/2013 11:00:48 AM
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I've never been to the Lakefront Festival of Art but would love to attend - sounds like a great event and who doesn't love a wine garden? ;)
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