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Morning Links for June 17, 2013
The delicious, nutritious way to start your Monday.
Drop that donut! Feast on these links for a healthy and nutritious start to your day. (OK, eat the donut, too.)

  • The Journal Sentinel is reporting that charges are pending for the man who allegedly opened fire in Potawotami Casino yesterday. The woman was not seriously injured.

  • The New York Times has the story of how Phoenix manages on just 8 inches of rain a year. 

  • The Wisconsin National Guard is not immune to the sequester, report the JS. About 700 guards will be required to take 11 furlough days before the end of the financial year in September.

  • The Chicago-Boston rivalry (started over hockey of all things) has now stretched into donuts. Local Dunkin' Donuts have swapped out the Boston Kreme for the Chicago Kreme.

  • The new Superman movie Man of Steel opened over the weekend, with Henry Cavill in the lead role. Esquire looks at some actors that were almost Superman.

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