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Morning Links for June 16, 2014
We're counting down the links. (RIP Casey Kasem)

We recommend reading this morning's five links in the voice of Casey Kasem.

  • Music countdowns won't be the same in the wake of radio legend Casey Kasem's death.  A Los Angeles Times critic explains Kasem's place in the industry's pantheon.
  • There's nothing easy about untangling the web that connects poverty and health. The Journal Sentinel examines a few strands in this special report done in conjunction with the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.
  • It was a bit harder than usual to drive down Clement Avenue in southern Bay View on Sunday. Because a Union Pacific train derailment just happened to block the road. Fox 6 has more details.
  • A dozen animals are in need of a new home after they were taken from the home of a neighbor alleged to be a hoarder. WTMJ-620 has more details.
  • And finally, in the spirit of Kasem's music countdowns, we share the Milwaukee Record's top 10 list of local bands it loves in spite of those bands' names.

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