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Our Neverending Story
Forward Already!

“So…has the hubbub died down,” my mother, who now resides in Scottsdale, Ariz., asked me yesterday over the phone. I paused and let the air inside my brain seep out, because I had to “recall” what particular hubbub she spake of! 

Even she, residing in the depths of a hellish desert, which reached 111 degrees as of late, has been deluged with the debate (some people really seem to get virtual erections from political and social dissent and disharmony) between Wisconsin’s Democrats and Republicans.

“It’s over,” I comforted her, though inside of me, I know that over – it is not. 

Unlike me, my mother is a staunch liberal, a witty, wise woman who joked when the movie, The Help, was released, “Why go see the movie, I lived it. I was the help.” She spent more than 35 years working as a housekeeper for a wealthy Wisconsin family of Conservatives (for the most part). 

I honestly consider myself a liberal Republican, a conservative Democrat, if that pleases. I hate name calling though. 

I’m really just a woman in search of the kind of success that is not temporary and a future for my daughter that is not acrid and mordant. 

A large part of me, particularly, my back, is strained, as is my head. I don’t think there are many black Walker supporters, as I am accosted at my stupidity for trusting “that white dude.” Still, I do and I am tired of the political climate here: the television ad fighting, posturing, “he-said, she-said.” This recall election and its pre-quel election, has brought hate to the fore. Surely, our current Governor did not invent the aforementioned duo.  I don’t even think he saw it coming. It’s been like a year of middle school. Oh how I loathed middle school, too.

Just when I thought it was safe to swim in the lake of diverging political views, and the storm was finally over so that we can focus on the issues that plague our state, I heard the words of my best friend’s stepfather, also yesterday, “He cheated!” OMG, if that isn’t sour grapes, I don’t drink wine.

The recall election, for many, truly does not end things. For me though, it does. 

I have to stop listening to the banter, watching it on television and reading it in the papers. It doesn’t make me happy, smarter or richer by engaging in those pursuits. I don’t even have words that fully express my journey and the journeys of many others whose economic lot is barren. I will use my mother’s words, as they are more fitting.

“A father should care for all of his children, no matter what. To me, this is symbolic and can also refer to a Governor (Father of a State, so to speak) and all of his voters. He should want the same things, the greatest good for all of his children, including the best schools, jobs, health care, etc. So whether you are a democrat or republican, rich or poor, the Governor works for you “like a father” should. A good father wants what is best for all of his children, not just the ones who favor him most.”

– Wanda White

We are beyond isolated complaining, yelling and screaming. I hope those in positions of power begin to work with what we have, so to speak. We – the people – had our day, to have our say.

“Oz has spoken” – for now!

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