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Today is Charlie Sykes Day
In case you didn't know.
Gov. Scott Walker apparently "ambushed" conservative talker Charlie Sykes in his radio studio this morning to announce that today, June 14, 2013, the 20th anniversary of Sykes' radio career, marks the first "Charlie Sykes Day" in Wisconsin. Walker, a regular guest on the show, falls into such casual banter with Walker that Sykes' producer has to remind him to introduce the surprise guest as the state's governor. The former Milwaukee County executive says he and Sykes have followed a "parallel track" in the past two decades, beginning with Walker's election to the state Legislature.

For a memento, Walker, always the kidder, gives Sykes an old Tom Ament campaign button. The governor also presents the proclamation naming June 14 Charlie Sykes Day. Let's repeat that again: June 14 is now Charlie Sykes Day in Wisconsin. Charlie Sykes Day.

"I had no idea he was coming in," Sykes says. "Absolutely not." Nor did he anticipate the box of cream puffs the governor brought along.

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