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Morning Links for June 13, 2013
Betty White, the U.S. Open, and... turkey basters.
Toothbrush? Check. Shower? Check. Morning Links? CHECK!! Yes, it’s time for another edition of our Morning Links. 

  • If anybody has the secret to longevity, it’s Betty White. The star of TV’s “Hot in Cleveland” shares her “diet” secrets. This woman is 91? 

  • Fore! You know it’s really summer – and Father’s Day weekend – when the U.S. Open is back. This is the first time time in 32 years that the high-profile golf tournament has been played at top-rated Merion Golf Club.

  • The website Gawker.com claims that it has the solution for the Get-Happy-Within-Seconds rule: Watch this video of dogs riding in cars. Warning: It is pretty darn cute.

  • When CPR didn’t work, a man resorted to using a perhaps unlikely kitchen utensil to open the airways of a 5-month-old who was struggling to breathe. Wow!

  • Hey, check this out. According to recent census data analysis, there were more recorded deaths than births among non-Hispanic white Americans. Demographers say this is an important step toward greater diversity in the United States. 

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