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Morning Links for June 11, 2014
Just when you think you've heard it all.
You learn there really are sea monsters.
  • A series of vacant lots in the Park East corridor of Milwaukee are being heavily marketed. City officials hope to bring in anything from retail, industrial or corporate offices, says Fox 6.
  • What kind of sea creature can devour a great white shark? Australian researchers are on the hunt for this “mystery sea monster,” says CNN.
  • As Milwaukee looks to revive downtown’s W. Wisconsin Ave., heads turn toward Phoenix, Ariz. for an example. The Greater Milwaukee Community hosted Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton in a discussion this week, says a JS blog.
  • Same-sex marriage numbers begin to level off in Milwaukee. Sixty-eight couples applied for same-sex marriage on Friday, 78 on Saturday, 37 on Monday and as of Tuesday afternoon, only three couples, says WISN.
  • It’s like the country song, “someone shot the jukebox…” but not quite. An Arizona man was arrested for shooting at the moon, The Washington Post reports.

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