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Madison Man Tells Story of Losing Entire Family in Car Crash
And by doing so he's hoping to raise money for those affected by impaired driving.

In an incredibly moving personal essay published by Gawker.com, Jimmy Anderson of Madison describes the day a drunk driver crashed into his family's car. In vivid detail, he explains that the crash killed his mother, father and 14-year-old brother, and left him paralyzed from the chest down. 

Anderson is now starting a nonprofit, the Victims of Impaired Driving Project, and soliciting funding on crowdsource-funding site Indigogo. The purpose of the project is to raise funds to assist those who have been injured by an impaired driver. As of now, the project has raised more than $8,000. 

Image of Anderson in the hospital following the crash courtesy of Victims of Impaired Driving Project. 

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POSTED 1/12/2015