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Taking to the Caves
John C. Reilly, Frank Turner and great locals make for a memorable week of Milwaukee music

Monday, June 10: Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls with Architects, and Beans On Toast at Turner Hall, 6:30 p.m. ($20)
British songwriter Frank Turner is a canonical crooner in the folk-punk genre. Following four increasingly good studio albums and a quintet of EPs, Turner now sits on the cusp of making the jump from underground sensation to household name by way of his latest album, Tape Deck Heart, which came out in April. (1032 N. 4th St., pabsttheater.org

Also: Grandchildren with Mortgage Freeman and Myles Coyne & The Rusty Nickel Band at Mad Planet, 8 p.m. ($6) – (533 E. Center St, mad-planet.net) 

Tuesday, June 11: Peals with Old Earth, and Small Sur at Cactus Club, 9 p.m.
Milwaukee outfit, Old Earth specializes in haunting, experimental and exceptionally dour folk songs. The pet project of Todd Umhoefer, Old Earth essentially records expansive 10- to 20-minute efforts that are unlike anything else anyone’s doing locally. Finally, the project is gaining its well-deserved acclaim after being a hidden gem since its 2009 origin. Old Earth plays in support of Peals in this enticing Tuesday evening event. (2496 S. Wentworth Ave., cactusclubmilwaukee.com)

Also: Joe Mundy with Michael McDermott at Shank Hall, 8 p.m. ($20) – (1434 N. Farwell Ave., shankhall.com)

Wednesday, June 12: Flobots with Wheelchair Sports Camp at Shank Hall, 8 p.m. ($15)
Denver quintet, Flobots, has an exceptionally distinct sound that merges elements of hip-hop and alternative rock to result in something wholly unique and undeniably enjoyable. Now a teenager, Flobots has been a constant fixture on US and UK charts with its five releases, most recently last year’s, The Circle in the Square. (1434 N. Farwell Ave., shankhall.com) 

Also: Evan Christian at The Jazz Estate, 10 p.m. ($5) – (2423 N. Murray Ave., jazzestate.com) 

Thursday, June 13: The Faceless with Within The Ruins, Rings Of Saturn, Abiotic, and Approaching Dawn at The Rave, 7 p.m. ($14.50) – (2401 W. Wisconsin Ave., therave.com)

Also: Shannon And The Clams with Pow Wow, and Sex Forecast at Cactus Club, 9:30 p.m. ($10) – (2496 S. Wentworth Ave., cactusclubmilwaukee.com) 

Friday, June 14: Body Futures with Midwest Death Rattle and Space Raft at Cactus Club, 10 p.m.
Founded in 2012, Body Futures has rich roots in the Milwaukee music scene, with members of IfIHadAHiFi, The Five Mod Four, White Wrench Conservatory and Everybody at Midnight among its ranks. Its early shows and demo tracks hint at a raucous, immensely danceable outfit that churns out snappy power pop numbers. Making this show even better are locals Midwest Death Rattle and newcomer Space Raft. (2496 S. Wentworth Ave., cactusclubmilwaukee.com)

Also: Hoodie Allen at The Rave, 8 p.m. ($25) – (2401 W. Wisconsin Ave., therave.com)

And: Vandaveer at Shank Hall, 8 p.m. ($10) – (1434 N. Farwell Ave., shankhall.com)

Saturday, June 15: The Fatty Acids with Jaill, Hospital Ships, Milo, and Wax Addicts at Mad Planet, 9 p.m. ($6)
A local show featuring Milwaukee darlings The Fatty Acids isn’t an all-too-rare occurrence. However, this headlining jaunt is a bit more special than the traditional (and always great) TFA show, as special guest Jaill will make an appearance and premiere a new music video. Hospital Ships, Milo and Wax Addicts precede the vaunted late-show players. (533 E. Center St, mad-planet.net) 

Also: The Cave Singers with Blessed Feathers, and Marielle Allschwang at Cactus Club, 9:30 p.m. ($12) – (2496 S. Wentworth Ave., cactusclubmilwaukee.com) 

And: Magma Dragon with Thrasher at Shank Hall, 10 p.m. ($5) – (1434 N. Farwell Ave., shankhall.com)

Photo courtesy of Third Man Records

Sunday, June 16: John C. Reilly And Friends at Miller Caves, 5:30 p.m. and 9 p.m. (Sold Out)
Once relegated to supporting actor in films like The Aviator and Boogie Nights, thespian John C. Reilly has become a household name with memorable performances as Will Ferrell’s comedy partner in Talladega Nights and Step Brothers, as leading man in Cyrus and Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. Reilly has shown considerable range with roles in comedies and dramas alike. Speaking even more to his versatility, Reilly has also added musician to his resume when he inked a deal on Jack White’s Third Man Records. Breaking in the Miller Caves, the actor and his friends will play a pair of sold out shows in the caverns with songs that land somewhere between folk and Americana in terms of style. (4251 W. State St.) 

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