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Dara Torres and Koss Launch Headphone Line for Women
The 12-time Olympic medalist helped create headphones that fit women’s ears.

Dara Torres remembers her first big swim meet. She recalls listening to music on her Walkman (remember those?) to help her get into the right mindset come race time. “From that meet on, that’s what I always did, was listen to music,” she says.

And there have been several big meets since, including the 1984, 1988, 1992, 2000 and 2008 Olympic Games where she netted an impressive 12 medals. She was also named one of the “Top Female Athletes of the Decade” by Sports Illustrated.

Throughout all of those years of listening to music, Torres realized one simple fact: Women’s ears are smaller than men’s. But headphone producers didn’t seem to realize that. Until now. Torres is teaming up with Koss, the Milwaukee-based stereophone manufacturer, to produce the new Koss Fit Series. Launched today in Milwaukee, the line includes FitClips and FitBuds.

Torres’ day began with a spin class using the headphones for bloggers, followed by a “bunch of interviews” and ended with a meet and greet at Elite Sports Club in Mequon.

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