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Morning Links for May 6, 2014
Soylent, Taco Fest and more perplexing food-related news nuggets.
Today's news-nugget theme is, apparently, food. Dive in.
  • Rep. Dale Kooyenga (R-Brookfield) says in a JS op-ed that Republican legislators "are not at war with Milwaukee. In fact, we are waging a war for Milwaukee."
  • The Atlantic says the cost of American "essentials" like food and health care are going up a staggering rate, while the price of "toys" - like cell phones and TVs - plummet.
  • The New Yorker poses this question: does the tech-created food substitute soylent mean the end of food?
  • There is a Taco Fest and it is happening May 31.
  • Lakefront Brewery, Rishi Tea and Solaris are three of the companies planning to build new facilities in the Menomonee Valley, says Urban Milwaukee.

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