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Link List: MAM Addition Revision
All the steps in this swift-footed dance of criticism.
The addition planned at the Milwaukee Art Museum has changed again, and the Milwaukee Business Journal has the first photos.

No doubt the indefatigable Tom Daykin at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is trying to get his own copies. For now, he's noted that there's a public hearing happening today, a meeting the paper's art critic, Mary Louise Schumacher, reported as happening at 5:30 p.m. tonight, in the Miller Room at O'Donnell Park. This is inside the building that adjoins the little green lawn that overlooks the lakefront. In the same piece, Schumacher came out against the addition, calling it a "dose of dullness" and proposing that the institution "simply stop building for a time."

The Business Journal is also reporting anew that architect Jim Shields had a hand in overhauling the addition, which came under early fire from urbanmilwaukee.com. Tom Bamberger said the previous design (the first revision, of Shields' original design) had the makings of a "monumental blunder." Bruce Murphy reported that Shields had left the project, contradicting earlier reporting from the Journal Sentinel, which had depicted the first revision as a Jim Shields special. Murphy has also enjoyed pointing out that the paper wrote a one-paragraph editorial in support of the project (scroll down to the bottom).

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