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Morning Links for May 6, 2013
Fusion center funding and a man seeking an Asian female.

It's a good day in the neighborhood. It's also a good day on the Internet, as these links show.

  • The Journal Sentinel reports funding for the state’s two fusion centers is drying up. You might remember Milwaukee’s fusion center from our March cover story “The Watchmen.” Federal funding runs out in a month, reports the JS.

  • A documentary follows what happens when a 60-year-old parking garage attendant convinces a 30-year-old Chinese office worker to move to the U.S. and marry him. The New York Times has more on Seeking Asian Female.

  • Gov. Scott Walker's new economic department, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., took a hit from several newspapers over the weekend, reports The Cap Times.

  • John Gurda at the Journal Sentinel writes about the decline of Milwaukee’s Sherman Park neighborhood, where junkers are literally pulling the houses apart bit by bit.

  • The Brew Crew lost a four-game series to the St. Louis Cardinals, capping off the run with a 10-1 loss yesterday. CBS Sports has the details.

  • Men no longer need to be bashful about buying Pfizer’s little blue pill. The drug company will now sell it directly on its website, adding it to the list of things people buy on the Internet that they would never buy in real life.

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