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Morning Links for May 5, 2014
Politics and sausage make strange linkfellows.

The charged political atmosphere of Milwaukee may be challenging, but it didn't deter somebody from buying a whole lot of sausage.


  • Over the weekend, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had a special report on the political environment of metro Milwaukee, labeling it "the most polarized part of a polarized state in a polarized nation."
  • The Tall Tree Foods Famous Racing Sausages? Doesn't quite have the same ring as Klement's. Nonetheless, the Journal Sentinel reports that Tall Tree Foods has acquired the Milwaukee-based sausage company that's known for sponsoring a certain set of Milwaukee Brewers mascots. But if the Tall Tree folks were smart enough to close the sale, they're probably smart enough to not mess with the sausage names.
  • If the Milwaukee Brewers want to continue their hot start to the season, they'll have to do so without the services of Ryan Braun, at least temporarily. Braun's lingering oblique injury forced the Brewers to place him on the disabled list over the weekend. He's out until at least May 12.
  • A Republican state representative probably won't be leaving any laptop computers or expensive cameras in his car from now on. Or at least leaving them in plain view of passersby. Because, as Fox 6 reports, doing so over the weekend led to them getting stolen.
  • And finally, welcome to the 53rd anniversary of testing the world's most advanced technologically advanced adult diaper. Well, actually it was a spacesuit worn by astronaut Alan Shepard, who 53 years ago became the first American in space. But, as Mashable details, Shepard really had to go.


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