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Morning Links for May 3, 2013
Emboldened landlords, Google's lust for approval and the NRA's will to fight.

Whether you feel like ascending to the heavens, galloping to Texas or crawling into a hole for the next six months, you're not alone, as the following stories show.

  • How quickly times change: The NRA is riding high after defeating a number of gun control measures in Congress, saddling up for an annual meeting in Texas and promising to fight on the beaches, in the field ... AP reports.

  • Middle-aged Americans are killing themselves at a rate almost a third higher than a decade earlier, the Journal Sentinel says.

  • A bill enlarging the arsenal of landlords in the state is pending for the state Legislature, and it would allow them to seize the property of evicted tenants and tow improperly parked cars without calling the police, according to the Wausau Daily Herald.

  • A number of the powers that be are backing sending arms to rebels in Syria, but the BBC finds that public opinion around the world is lukewarm on the idea.

  • Like an insatiable lover, Google wants Austin, Texas, to keep showing its affection for the internet company's plans to lay a fiber optic network in the city. Computerworld describes how Austin will have to be "super-excited."
  • Does it matter that some lemurs spend six months a year hibernating underground, as scientists have just learned? Well, maybe, says tech site io9. Understanding how could bring us one step closer to inducing hibernation in humans, which could be useful for long-distance space travel.

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