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Top 10 Picks for May 2013
Our new feature counts down the best moments in Milwaukee music every month.

We have a new feature here at
Music Notes. Every month, we’re going to count down the top 10 most exciting, surprising and just plain great moments in music. Let's get started. 

10. Vine clip hints at new music from Maritime.
Check out the band’s sweet dual-monitor setup and hear two pretty catchy seconds of a new song.

9. Hugh Bob & the Hustle releases video for “Butternut.”
The video directed by CJ Foeckler features the alt-country band in its hometown of Butternut, Wis., (Pop. 375) and is filled with stunning visuals of Butternut haunts like the ice cream stand, the Catholic lunch stand and the intriguing “spa bar.”

8. Midwest Death Rattle releases new track: “Me And My Molotov.”
Incendiary swagger, lanky guitar riffs and an anarchist spelling lesson are the ingredients for Midwest Death Rattle’s new “Me And My Molotov.” It will be a bonus track on the vinyl release of MDR’s 2012 self-titled debut, but you can download it now via their Bandcamp.

7. Juiceboxxx unveils new track and energy drink coozies.
The rapper and beverage entrepreneur takes his blend of rap and rock into noisier territory with “The Saga Never Ends,” a crunchy first taste from new mixtape “Beyond Thunder Zone,” slated for release in June. And here are the coozies for his energy drink.

6. The Delphines release Panic.
The local garage-popper’s excellent Panic EP gets physical, courtesy of Austin-based Threadpull Records. Get your hands on the goods Sunday at Quarters, where they will play their first show since early April supporting Vancouver’s Chains Of Love.

5. Young Holidays releases new track: “Jackie Kennedy.”
It’s always Saturday night in the world of Young Holidays, and once again the pop maestro is caught between partying or staying in and watching movies. He argues convincingly for the former on the sleek “Jackie Kennedy.” You can download it for free via Bandcamp.

4. Eric & Magill releases new song, announces second album Night Singers.
That Eric & Magill still exists at all seems miraculous. Although they’re from Milwaukee, half the group (Ryan Weber) now lives in Africa, the other (Eric Osterman) in Brooklyn. The distance doesn’t show on the lush “Baggage and Clothes,” inspired by Weber’s experiences in remote Kenya. It is the first from recently announced Night Singers, out July 23.

3. Fatty Acids do Wood Room session, debut new song “Brumple Sport Skin.”
The local band performs a new song accompanied by a glockenspiel, a synthesizer and a horn section for Madison’s Wood Room video series. Skip to the end for an even newer song called “Wood Room Zit.” 

2. Prophetic releases new video for “Steady Chasin’.”
Proph’s ambitions take him to the clouds and beyond in this surreal clip directed by local artist Mark Gage. The icy track is off his newest album, Eat Alone, also released this month. 

1. D’Amato releases new track: “BPA Free.”
Multi-talented rapper D’Amato can rhyme and croon with equally jaw-dropping ability, and he does both within the first few seconds of “BPA Free,” an irreverent lyrical dissection of life and love in the age of toxic bottled water. It is the second track released from his upcoming album Counterfeit Paradise, and you can download it for free via Soundcloud.

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