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Free for All
All state trails, fishing holes and parks will be free this weekend.
Thanks to the Memorial Day holiday, most of us were blessed with a shortened, four-day workweek. But we're betting that many of you are still thinking that the weekend can't come soon enough. (We're of much the same mindset, but would love it if you could keep that from our boss.) And if the weather holds, your weekend could be that much sweeter thanks to the DNR's free fun for everyone weekend. On Saturday (June 1) and Sunday (June 2), you can cast a rod (and take part in fishing clinics), hike or bike along the thousands of miles of trails and kick up some dirt on the ATV on the state's public trails, no license or pass required. On Sunday only, enjoy the natural splendor of any (or all, we suppose) of Wisconsin's 64 state parks, forests and recreation areas for free as well. Just don't be the guy who thinks it's funny to steal the "Bong Recreation Area" signs. Not cool man. 

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