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Kohl declined $100 million more for Bucks
Because the offer came with a promise to move the team to Seattle.
Just before new Milwaukee Bucks owners Marc Lasry and Wes Edens spent Thursday night hanging out and drinking beer with fans, word came down that someone was buying the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion. That's nearly four times what it cost to buy the Bucks.

But there's another connection between the Clippers and Bucks sales.

The man who'll write that $2 billion check for the Clippers is former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. But before he offered to write that check, as this ESPN story explains, he and partner Chris Hansen offered to write another one for the Bucks. And it was worth at least $100 million more than the one Lasry & Edens eventually wrote.

And if Herb Kohl had accepted the check from Ballmer and Hansen, Milwaukee wouldn't be having a Downtown arena debate. It would be having a farewell wake for the Bucks, because Ballmer and Hansen were moving them to Seattle.

Instead, Thursday saw the new Bucks owners having their welcome-to-town party with fans, and talking up the team's future here. It's just another reminder that the only thing standing between the Bucks and Seattle was Herb Kohl, who kept his pledge to keep the team in town, even though it cost him nine figures.

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