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Hey, a Street Festival
Under-appreciated Mitchell St. gets a jump on summer.
Mitchell Street stands/lies/unfurls as one of the city's most interesting and diverse commercial corridors. Former Ald. Jim Witkowiak used to quip that he could walk out of his funeral home (at 529 W. Mitchell St.) and be anywhere in the world. Well, this weekend, long before the Brady St. Festival and other goings on, plucky Mitchell Street is throwing its own street festival, and we've appended the full poster below. Most appetizingly, you can expect food from nearby restaurants, plus music from Los Tres Amigos Mariachi and DJ Monk. Rain or shine, the show will go on, with sharp-dressed city officials out to curry favor with Milwaukee's festival-loving electorate.

And if you're considering the carnival rides, may we gently direct you to our "Fair Play" guide to the dizziness, g-force and scream-factor qualities of such contraptions.

The festival is being sponsored by the Mitchell Street Business Improvement District.

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POSTED 1/12/2015