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Morning Links for May 30, 2013
Cliches, pimps, teapots and lots of taverns.

Stories happening in the world that we think you should know about. That's the one, the only Morning Links:

  • A Fast Company writer claims clichés are good for productivity. In fact, there are even clichés to “live by.” Huh?

  • OK, so a woman in Connecticut is arrested for prostitution after calling police on her pimp. This is not a punchline.

  • And the state with the most bars per capita is… not Wisconsin. But our beloved state does makes an appearance on the list of this Eater.com story.

  • JC Penney is doing damage control after receiving complaints that one of the retailer's billboards in Culver City, Calif. is offensive. It features a teapot that some argue bears a resemblance to Adolph Hilter.

  • A New Mexico man was arrested for driving drunk while having sex with a woman. The man also reportedly tried to elude officers by hiding behind a cactus. USAToday.com is on this strange story.

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