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Old-Timer's Game: Extras
A little bit more from our City Guide Point of View subject, 91-year-old Lou Montgomery.

How would you describe your hometown of Tell City, Ind.?
A small town on the Ohio River. Named after William Tell. When I left there, it was about 7,500. Everybody knew most everybody.

What do you remember about growing up there?
Well, quite a few things. But one of the things that really stands out is, I had two cousins and we lived within four blocks of each other. So in the summertime, we were always together, and we’d play Cowboys and Indians. We played a lot of ball when we could get other guys to play with us. We didn’t think about girls for a long time. And back then, we could go to a movie for a dime. They used to run serials, so they’d get you to come back each week.

How did you end up in Milwaukee?
I wanted to feed my family. I worked for General Electric in the vacuum tube department. We made both the miniature tubes that went into automobile radios and we made regular vacuum tubes, too. My job with GE eventually became an industrial engineer. And when they were in the process of closing down our plant, then I transferred up to Milwaukee. I started working up here in April 1966 and didn’t move my family up here until Labor Day, so they could get started in school.

When did you finally convert to being a Brewers fan?
When they put the Brewers in the National League and the Cubs were already in the Central Division. I was working for the Brewers, and I’m strictly a Brewers fan now. I no longer want the Cubs to win. Well, it’s OK if they’re not playing the Brewers. But I’m 100 percent a Brewers fan.

What do you like about giving tours?
Meeting people. Absolutely, that’s one of the best things.

What’s your favorite thing to show them in Miller Park?
Probably the press box. Although, when the Brewers are out of town, the clubhouse is very nice. Those are two highlights over the years. I don’t have any real special places. Every place that we take them is a place that most fans have never been before. So you get to show them something new and places of interest that are off-limits. But without a doubt, the best thing is meeting people, and you meet them from all over the world. We get them from Japan, Germany, China. Different places like that. I’ll keep at it as long as they keep me. I’ve served my time and had a great, great run at it. It’s just the perfect job for a baseball fan like I am, and at my age. No doubt about it.

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