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Cut Lines for May 24, 2013
The best part of waking up...Is reading the latest in fashion news.
Happy Friday. You know it's a Friday when you get the chance to read the latest in fashion news, curated by yours truly. Let's get to it.

  • Gap's quarter one profits were up 42.9 percents, says the New York Post. The Post surmises the sharp increase is likely the result of growing sales in its Old Navy brand and Asia. 
  • T Magazine has a colorful editorial on gem-tone accessories. Geometrical shadows add drama. It's a little 60s, and a little garish, but it sure does sparkle. Weekend outfit inspiration?
  • As long as we're talking about stones worth the price of a house, The Cut has an indulgent slideshow of the 45 most famous gemstones, many of which belonged to Elizabeth Taylor. Other notables include the Duchess of Cambridge and, naturally, Jenny from The Block. 
  • Remember when every fashion headline had something to do with what Kate Middleton was wearing? In many cases, it was British brand Issa. And now the company's designer, Daniella Helayel, has quit. The Cut also  has the details, but the change comes in advance of Issa's collaboration with Banana Republic, due to hit stores late this summer. 
  • Who's the latest host of an up-and-coming fashion week? No, it's not Sydney, and no, it's definitely not Milwaukee. It's Audi Fashion Festival Singapore. And, according to Fashionista, its organizers are trying some novel strategies to boost attendance by designers as well as consumers. One of the most extraordinary? The general public can purchase tickets to shows - and they're relatively affordable. 
  • On June 8, Flagship is hosting a designer sale at Rumor Lounge (161 S. 1st St.), complete with a DJ and cocktails. Brands to include Genetic Denim, DKNY, Luxx and Blank NYC. 

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