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Jaill Teaser
Watch the video for Jaill’s new song, “House With Haunting”

Jaill’s unreleased sophomore Sub Pop Records effort, Traps, is true to the Milwaukee band’s dumbed down-yet-downright catchy form it showed the indie rock world on its debut That’s How We Burn. Trust me, I wrote a short, but complimentary blurb about Traps that appears in the June issue of Milwaukee Magazine.

In advance of Jaill’s innovative June 8 album release show/taco and bowling party at Bay View Bowl, the band has given fans a couple samples of Traps via periodic song releases on music blogs. Thursday, Jaill gave fans a third taste of the new album – this time with a visual component included. They announced the video via Twitter saying, "HEY WE GOT A NEW SONG WITH A NEW VIDEO!! Clicdalink" at about 5 p.m. today.

The music video for “House With Haunting” is as intentionally low-fi and as entertaining as Jaill itself. In it, singer/guitarist Vinnie Kircher finds his life essentially being ruined by some shabbily dressed ghouls. It’s funny, true to the lyrical content, and just enough to hold most Milwaukee music fans over until the June 8 release show or when it hits record stores nationwide June 12.

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