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Sean Duffy Refers to "Targeting Americans" 11 Times in This Video
But first he changed a tire in an undershirt.
You can't fault U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy, the northwoods Republican, for not being persistent. The young House member has posted a video of himself repeatedly asking Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, in the hot seat over the recent IRS scandal, when he knew officials were targeting the legitimacy of tax-exempt conservative groups, I mean, Americans. Lew tried to remain cool as Duffy milked his time during the meeting of the Financial Services Committee on Wednesday for every last drop of C-Span rocking notoriety.

In short: Duffy wants to know when Lew knew the IRS was "targeting Americans," targeting different people with conservative views, targeting certain people, etc., and he's not happy with Lew's explanation that he had no "knowledge" or "facts" before seeing the bombshell report from the office of the IRS Inspector General.

This is the best contribution to the repetitive-questioning-from-an-angry-Republican-Congressman-from-Wisconsin genre since Sen. Ron Johnson's "Benghazi" video from January.

If the above isn't enough Duffy for one day, see below the video of him changing a flat tire while on the way to an official engagement. Strangely, the "Flat Tire? No Problem!" video cuts out after 47 seconds, and only after Duffy has popped a lug nut or two. And it sure doesn't look like he has the car jacked up high enough.

Now if only he could fix the flat tire that is this nation's economy.

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POSTED 1/12/2015