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Morning Links for May 23, 2013
Think of it as your daily dose of political football.

What do Scott Walker, David Clarke and Aaron Rodgers have in common? Come 2040, perhaps a long history in politics. But today, they’ve all got spots in the latest edition of our Daily Links.

Presidential hopefuls make lots of trips to Iowa. Today, Gov. Scott Walker is making a trip to Iowa. Coincidence? The Associated Press broke it down.

Playing golf isn’t the only offseason hobby for Aaron Rodgers. Now, he’s playing diplomat, too. Rodgers extended an olive branch to former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre, telling the nationwide audience of “The Jim Rome Show” that Favre’s number should be retired before he’s eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. “I think it’s time to let the healing process begin for those who are still upset about what went down.” SportsRadio 1250’s website has the audio from Rodgers' interview (beginning around the 35:50 mark) and ESPN Wisconsin’s Jason Wilde has a written recap.

Elsewhere in Packers comebacks, Johnny Jolly has graduated from a court-ordered drug-rehabilitation program, and the team will give the defensive end a chance to win a roster spot. Jolly’s career ran aground when the NFL gave him a three-year suspension for violating its substance abuse policy. “She’s done a really good thing for me,” Jolly said of the Houston judge who sentenced him, then confirmed his freedom Wednesday. “That was a blessing.” Green Bay TV station WBAY has the story.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke thinks the United States federal government is a “bigger threat” than terrorists. He made the statement to WISN-TV’s Mike Gousha in a wide-ranging interview that lasted more than a half-hour. Watch the whole piece here, or check out the highlights in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recap.

And for Marquette alums who want to give money to the school and nostalgia to their memory, there's this idea: Buy a piece of the much-beloved Avalanche bar. The school is selling bricks and glass blocks from the long-gone building to support its Bridge to the Future Fund.

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