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Sh-t People Say on Capitol Hill
"You need to have an exit strategy."

The environment around the U.S. Capitol is a rarefied mix of dehydrated tourists and highly starched power suits, and it's amazing the sort of hobnobbing you can catch in passing. Presented below are some 22 examples collected on Wednesday  statements uttered by real people working actual Capitol Hill jobs, and all within the space of just a couple of hours. (Statements were edited so as not to be identifiable.)

I didn't know anything about Indian Affairs until this hearing.

We still haven't defined what an energy bill is.

Do you want money? Do you want change? What do you want?

I'm sorry, I just have to stay on top of some things that are happening.

I don't agree with the cuts, but I think we're going to be better off the further this bill gets through the process.

She didn't work for me, but she always treated me like she did. It was cute.

It's not a park; it's a garden, a beautiful, private garden.

Did you see that she was crying in the meeting? She was starting to cry.

You need to have an exit strategy.

Part of what I love about this job is that you and me can block off an entire afternoon, lock the door and just figure this out.

You got a dime holding up a dollar.

Do they have water? I don't want to be a brand guy.

They didn't have an opportunity to get wired and coordinate what they were going to say.

You always have somebody above you, even when you're in the top spot.

What surprises me is how flustered and stunned they become when you fight them with facts and rationality.

That was good enough to cook him.

He's going to run for president some day.

Everyone back home is so excited for us.

When things go wrong, there needs to be some accountability. They're getting away with murder.

We had a meeting with the mayor of Honolulu, who I love.

I believe that there are evil spirits.

There's this horrible story about a Russian girl or whatever.

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