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Morning Links for May 22, 2013
Milwaukee is the best city in the universe. No really, that's in here.

Figuring out the day's top stories (and fun reads) is a hard job, but somebody's got to do it.

Food writer and author Mark Bittman makes a case for part-time veganism at The New York Times. Hint: The reasoning isn't cut and dry; neither is the science behind it.

Like many of us, hospitals perform better when they're held accountable. The most recent evidence of this is a 21 percent reduction in the central-line infection rates at state hospitals since 2011. Part of the reason? Medicare began collecting individual data and will publish the rates starting next year. The Journal Sentinel has more.

BuzzFeed has a list of some pretty outrageous corporate social media fail whales. The takeaway: Be careful. Social media is a hard world.

A Milwaukee man was one of two winners of the Power Ball jackpot, according to the Journal Sentinel. He will get 672,500 after taxes.

Over at Atlantic Cities this morning, they're comparing state teen birth rates. But they're breaking it down into even smaller groups. Wisconsin fares pretty well, but you might be surprised by the numbers.

To end with a laugh, the AV Club has declared Milwaukee the best city in the universe based on some meticulous research.

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