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The Essential Edible MKE day
An undauntable 15-hour day of carpe-diem food consumption.
9:04 A.m.: Begin your journey at Blue’s Egg. The day is young but start it light, with an order of monkey bread and the Very Stuffed Browns with pulled ham and sharp cheddar. (317 N. 76th St., 414-299-3180)

10:15 A.m.: Roll over to the new Fathead Jerky – the offspring of nearby McBob’s Pub & Grill – and roll out with a bag bearing multiple flavors of jerky (zesty habanero, anyone?) and meat sticks (gator, venison). This makes a powerful protein snack-fest for another day. (5513 W. North Ave., 414-732-1318)

10:52 A.m.: Proceed east and a skosh north to Riverwest Co-op Cafe, where a PB Cup smoothie – that’s peanut butter, chocolate sauce, banana and milk – fiercely attaches itself to your hand. (733 E. Clarke St., 414-264-7933)

11:38 A.m.: The smoothie was not dessert – no, no. It’s just a sweet drink, one that needs to be capped off with ’spro (street for espresso). Spread out at one of the handsome farm tables at Anodyne Coffee Roastery. Don’t leave without beans – Costa Rica La Perla Negra, if they’ve got it. (224 W. Bruce St., 414-489-0765)

12:46 p.m.: Head south to Honeypie for the purpose of sending a PieGram to a lucky individual living in the continental United States. A PieGram is two 6-inch pies, shipped to that special someone. Spend time mulling over your options. Wisconsin honey, with its crunchy, brûlée-like topping? Cherry berry crumb? (2643 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., 414-489-7437)

1:52 p.m.: Shake off the pastry crumbs with protein. Corral a chair at the meat counter of the Third Ward’s Bavette, sit back and snack on pork pâté with mustard, pickles and rye. (333 E. Menomonee St., 414-273-3375)

4:43 p.m. The beauty of Pizza Man’s snails – heavily nestled in garlic-parsley butter – is that they pop easily out of the escargot dish and onto a piece of warm bread. (2597 N. Downer Ave., 414-272-1745) 

6:08 p.m.: Feeling salty? The ultimate refresher/vocal cord lubrication is a Moscow Mule. You’re just a half-mile from a good one, served in the traditional copper mug. That would be at Red Dot. (2498 N. Bartlett Ave., 414-964-5720)

8:22 p.m.: Plenty of time to kill before your next meal, so why not have a lil’ something to carry you over? The baked goat cheese in tomato-basil sauce (served with crostini) at SALA will take up very little space in your stomach. (2613 E. Hampshire St., 414-964-2611)

11:14 p.m.: Join the queue outside Ardent for late-night tonkotsu ramen – Japanese noodles in a rich, silky pork broth. Slurp noodles, sip beer. Watch others do the same. (1751 N. Farwell Ave., 414-897-7022)

11:57 p.m.: That beer you sipped wasn’t a nightcap. It’s got to be sweet and creamy, a drinkable Ambien. At Random has a cocktail menu you could pore over for hours. The choice is easy, though. Your minty, butter cookie-topped Grasshopper is coming right up. (2501 S. Delaware Ave., 414-481-8030) 

This article, alongside our "50 Must Eat Dishes," appears in the May2014 issue of Milwaukee Magazine. 
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