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New Meat Market
Bavette is the Third Ward's one and only butcher shop.

In Milwaukee Magazine's May Food Lover's Guide, I offer a teaser on Karen Bell’s Third Ward butcher shop, Bavette (330 E. Menomonee St., 414-334-0538). Bell – who locals may remember from her stint as head chef at Café at the Plaza – has made the shop official now. The first day was yesterday. Among the offerings from the butcher case are house-made sausages, head cheese, and charcuterie from Madison's Underground Meats. Expect much more to come. Bell has a grocery section, too, where she's carrying sauces, crackers, jams and pickled vegetables. If you're looking for lunch, she's doing a soup and a salad and a couple of sandwiches. Today's menu: pork meatball soup ($5); roasted beet, fennel and tangerine salad with goat cheese ($7.50); and braised shortrib sandwich, and a top-sirloin beef sandwich with horseradish and cheddar on Amaranth Bakery's pumpernickel bread ($10.25 each). Charcuterie and (Wisconsin) cheese plates are available, too. Bell hopes to secure her liquor license by the end of May, and plans to offer classes in mid-summer. Hours: Mon-Fri 10 a.m.-7 p.m.

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