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Morning Links for May 2, 2013
Cannibalism, wedding cakes and free admission to the Milwaukee Art Museum.

All in a day's Morning Links. Grab some fuel and dig in. You'll feel smarter. Truly.

  • The Milwaukee Art Museum is offering free admission today, 10 a.m.-8 p.m. At 4 p.m., there’s a sendoff for retiring MAM educator Barbara Brown Lee. It’s a perfect time to get acquainted with BBL, as she’s called, in this feature in the May issue of Milwaukee Magazine.

  • Scientists say they have evidence that cannibalism occurred at Jamestown, one of the earliest European settlements in the new world. This Washington Post story reveals photos of the recreated remains of a 14-year-old girl who may have been a victim of cannibalism during a particularly grim winter in the early 1600s.

  • A woman who walked out on her family 11 years ago in Pennsylvania has resurfaced in Florida. Why and how she managed to keep herself hidden is detailed in this CNN story.

  • Put a ring on it. Wedding season is nigh, people. And who doesn't love looking at crazy-ostentatious wedding cakes? The Daily Meal shows just how creative some couples can be.

  • Looking good is feeling good. A 7-year-old dog by the name of Obie has experienced a makeover of sorts. After losing 40 pounds, the dog had surgery to remove more than 2 pounds of excess skin. ABC News offers the 411.

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