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More Zipcars in Milwaukee
A new partnership with the city brings two more vehicles to Brew City.

Pousson the Toyota Prius and Marzett the Ford Focus will join Zipcar’s ranks in Milwaukee at the first outpost not affiliated with a local university as part of a new partnership with the city announced today. This will increase the city’s fleet to seven.
A Toyota Prius in New York City

Zipcar is a car-sharing service that allows for short-term car rentals. (Think one hour not one day.) Users apply for a Zipcard and pay an application and annual fee. Once the card arrives in the mail, users can make reservations online and use the Zipcard to unlock and lock the doors of that specific car during that specified time period. The keys are attached to the car itself. Much of the service relies on users playing well with others. Drivers are expected to use a Zipcar debit card to fill up the gas tank when it gets below a quarter tank and to not make a mess of the car.

Zipcars have been in Milwaukee for a few years but were always affiliated with Marquette or UWM, though drivers didn’t need to be students to use the cars. The two new cars are located just blocks away from a Honda Civic named Clayborn at the Kenilworth campus public parking lot and Honda Civics Cottman and Cutty at UWM’s Cambridge Commons dorm. Other cars include Brooks, a Honda Insight Hybrid at UWM’s Commerce Street dorms; Imhoff, a Honda Insight Hybrid at UWM’s Cunningham Hall lot; Bruegman, a Honda Insight Hybrid at a Marquette parking lot on 16th and West Wells Street; and Fisher, a Ford Focus Hatchback, and Canepa, a Honda CR-V, at UWM’s Sandberg Circle Drive.

(Full disclosure: Cottman, Brooks, Cutty and I are old friends. I’ve also had trysts with Fonohema and Epperson, though they are no longer part of the fleet. A retired Honda Civic named Corneau drove me out to my orientation for this very job.)

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