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Q&A with Actress Chuti Tiu
We find out what it's like to work with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn.

Photo by Michaela Ristaino of Ristaino Photography.

I'm sure you've seen previews for the latest Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson movie, The Internship, but a fun little fact is that a Milwaukee native, Chuti Tiu (pronounced Judy) has a supporting role in the movie out this June. I was thrilled to get a hold of Chuti via phone to speak about her role, as well as give us a few tips. 

Fashionista: Tell us about growing up in Milwaukee?

Chuti Tiu: In retrospect, there were ups and downs as every child has. I feel lucky though to have grown  in West Allis. It's a godsend to live where good, down-to-earth genuine people are. I remember cruising down Highway 100 and going to Mayfair Mall. I also love the seasons. You don't realize it until you move away. I remember my first Christmas in LA, there was no snow. It was kind of sad!

F: How did you start your acting career?

CT: I've always been in love with preforming. When I was in grade school I was cast the leading role as Snow White. I thought I couldn't get the role because I was Asian. I also performed classical piano for state wide competitions, so performing was always something in me. My parents were suggesting more stable careers, like medicine, law etc., so I ended up majoring in Political Science.

I remember sitting around with a bunch of my friends in college on January 1st. We had been out the night before and were eating pizza and beer and the question came up "What would you do if you could do anything, and money was no concern?" Someone wanted to write novels, be in ballet. But everyone was pushing their dreams aside to do something more stable. That's when I realized I had to follow my dreams. 

F: How was it working with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson?

CT: Fantastic! They were really down-to-earth and witty. Owen Wilson was a little more business minded on set, as he was part of production. Owen is the kind of person you would say is a great neighbor, someone you would borrow sugar from. We got to shoot on the Google campus, which is like an adult Disney playground. That is the place to work.

F: What is your character in The Internship?

CT: Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are 40 something losers from the Ohio. They aren't up with the times, especially with technology. They decide they need to be more "hip". They take an internship with Google and become best friends with the other college interns, who are really intelligent nerds. I play the mother of one of the college interns and I'm sort of this MILF. (Laughs.) Owen and Vince don't know what to expect of this nerdy college intern's mother, and then there's this big reveal.

F: Do you have any beauty tips to share with readers?

CT: As an actress I want to look as young as possible to work as long as possible. I swear by ageLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra. It regrows the elasticity in the skin. I keep it in my purse and slather it on all the time.

F: What kind of advice can you give to those aspiring for an acting career? 

CT: Study in class and also on your own. Get in to theater, get an agent. Constantly watching films in an analytical way instead of just for entertainment. One tip: you can't blink your eyes a lot when the camera is on you, you shut out the audience. Know how to hit your mark and find the light. 

The Internship is in theaters June 7. 

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