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Milwaukee Is One of the Most Exciting Cities
Yes, this is real. A real estate blog puts Milwaukee as the 7th most exciting city in America.

Real estate blog Movoto never would have guessed Milwaukee would make their list of “The 10 Most Exciting Cities in America.” But, the caption points out, “Brew City is simply solid on all of our criteria.” It landed at spot No. 7, just behind New York City.

Those criteria included park acreage, population between 20-24, lack of fast food joints, bars, lack of big box stores, population diversity, movie theaters, museums, theater companies and music venues. (You know, because watching grass grow is super exciting. Just kidding, we love parks)

The cities that made the list were Oakland, Calif.; Boston; San Francisco; Seattle; Washington, D.C.; New York City; Milwaukee; Atlanta; Philadelphia; and Portland, Ore.

The criteria is certainly interesting, but one specific criteria seems problematic: diversity. “Diversity matters because it helps perpetuate different thoughts. If you want a city to be exciting, it needs diversity,” the real estate company writes. But diversity only breeds new thoughts if it’s not segregated. And Milwaukee consistently tops lists of most segregated cities.

See the entire list below.

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