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Stick Figures
Think there are limits to foods that can be threaded on a stick? Not at the Wisconsin State Fair, where even spaghetti and meatballs is a speared delicacy

If you can dip it in batter and spear it with wood, you can likely find it at the Wisconsin State Fair. From the wacky (peanut butter and jelly) to wondrous (chocolate cranberries), the portable varieties have increased over the years because, frankly, if it’s on a stick, it sells.

Those sweet-and-sour chocolate-covered cranberries? The Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association sold 7,800 last year alone. Heart-stoppingly, the Machine Shed sold more than 50,000 orders of chocolate-covered bacon on a stick in 2009. With two slices per serving, that’s more than 100,000 pieces of bacon. The Machine Shed also sold more than 20,000 peanut butter and jelly concoctions on a stick, because, we assume, a hand-held sandwich was not portable enough.

Vendors create new stick-able recipes each year, says Patrice Harris, the fair’s communications manager, but not all recipes stick around, as the August heat renders them impractical. Worry not; now that all food groups have been skewered in the name of novelty, we’re sure this year’s fair will offer a veritable cornucopia of high-caloric treats. 

*Amount sold in 2011 at Wisconsin State Fair, according to respective vendors
Photos by Chris Kessler

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