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City Guide 2012
Food & Festivals

Mr. Festival
He's 62 going on 22, a dude who has attended almost 400 days of Summerfest since the 1970s. A little obsessed, maybe?

Festival Previews 
From June to September, Polish Fest to Indian Summer, we've mapped out your fertile, festive summer. 

Stick Figures 
Think there are limits to foods that can be put on a stick? Not at the Wisconsin State Fair, where even spaghetti and meatballs is a speared delicacy.

Puff Pandemonium 
How does a kitchen attain cream puff perfection year after year? Go behind the scenes with State Fair's uber-efficient Team Cream Puff.

Pride + Prejudice
A community full of rich contradictions – progressive initiatives coupled with self-segregation – is struggling to keep afloat the one thing that unites it: PrideFest.  

State of Mind 
Welcome to the Wisconsin collective 

Kitchen Cousins 
A look into Milwaukee restaurant offshoots 

The Big Yuck-Up
Is Milwaukee becoming a comedy town? 

A Port Called Home 
Lake Country boaters drop anchor in the Third Ward. 

Botox on the Brain 
A surprising treatment offers hope for chronic migraine sufferers.  
The Observer

Extreme Tourism 
Taking hometown knowledge to the bizarre, quirky and slightly frightening 


18 Below
Summer is the time to satisfy cold cravings with these seductive frozen forces
Point of View

Behind the Music 
Summerfest music mastermind Bob Babisch shares his sonic secrets 

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Soggy Suit
See how we got Jeff Martinka to wade knee-deep in a river. 

Graphic Analysis
An exclusive excerpt from the graphic novel My Friend Dahmer 

Festival Fashion
The Milwaukee Magazine staff gets ready for festival season. See what we're doing this summer - and what we're wearing. 

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