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Morning Links for May 20, 2013
Have we got news for you: Justin Bieber, dirty diapers, the Brew Crew. All this and more.

The weather forecast is not kind for today. But guess what? It’s almost summer, it’s the best time in the day for coffee, and – as if we need a drum roll – it’s also time for the latest installment of our own Morning Links:

  • Do you think George Webb’s would give out free burgers for a Milwaukee Brewers losing streak? Ahh, think not. Yesterday, the Brew Crew had another game like a lot of other games…
  • While sunglasses-wearing Justin Bieber (a.k.a., The Biebs) accepted a Billboard Music Award last night, he was met with something he didn’t quite expect – boos. “I should be taken seriously,” The Biebs said. Well, OK...
  • Actor Bradley Cooper will soon be honing his kitchen skills. News is that in preparation for a role in the film Chef, Cooper will get some training from British chef/enfant terrible Gordon Ramsay. That’s fresh off of Ramsay’s news-making walk-out on an episode Kitchen Nightmares.
  • While some folks fear that Yahoo’s purchase of the social networking site Tumblr will result in a cluttery mess of advertising, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has an answer. Boy, does she have an answer.
  • For real? In the most unsavory news of the day, police were called to a Denver Starbucks after a couple changed their baby’s diaper in the café’s seating area. But there’s more to the story than just icky Pampers.







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