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Larry Sanders Seen Totally Ruining Bobcat's Day
A couple GIFs capturing basketball bliss.
The Bucks posted the following animated GIFs to the team's Tumblr page amid news that Yahoo is acquiring the micro-blogging site. Not that that means anything, but here's Monta Ellis and Larry Sanders demonstrating the importance of teamwork as they storm over Tyrus Thomas of the Charlotte Bobcats during the April 1 game that ended with a 131-102 Bucks victory.

The images originated with nbacooldudes.tumblr.com, "a haunting study on the cool dudes of the NBA using a variety of means."



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ratboy1013 Posted: 5/20/2013 12:40:11 PM
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Am I the only one that clicked the link hoping to see a clip from the Larry Sanders Show featuring Bobcat Goldthwait?
Matt Hrodey Posted: 5/20/2013 4:47:21 PM
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Replying to: ratboy1013
Quite possibly.
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